Compiled Output


Special Characters

U+2B06 :++: increment
U+2B07 :–: decrement
U+2264 <= less than or equal to
U+2265 >= greater than or equal to
U+2260 /= not equal to
U+2B05 :=: set equal to
U+2714 :t: boolean true
U+2716 :f: boolean false
U+261D :i: or :index: index variable in an iteration
👆 U+1F446 :i: or :index: index variable (same as ☝)
👇 U+1F447 :i: or :index: index variable (same as ☝)
🚫 U+1F6AB :null: the null value
U+27A1 :do: start a plain block
U+25C0 :end: end a block of statements
U+25FC :stop: stop (break out of) a loop
U+23E9 :ff: or :continue go back to the start of a loop
U+270F :def: define a function
👍 U+1F44D :yes: return boolean true
👎 U+1F44E :no: return boolean false
🔀 U+1F500 :loop: begin a loop
🔃 U+1F503 :loop: begin a loop (same as 🔀)
U+27B0 :loop: begin a loop (same as 🔀)
🔁 U+1F501 :iter: begin an iteration
U+21A9 :return: return a value from a function
U+23CE :return: return (same as ↩)
📞 U+1F4DE :call: call a function
📱 U+1F4F1 :call: call a function (same as 📞)
U+2709 :with: define parameters to a function
💡 U+1F4A1 :switch: choose a block based on a value
U+2611 :case: define a case that can be chosen
🔘 U+1F518 :case: define a case (same as ☑)
U+263A :object: define an object
📦 U+1F4E6 :object: define an object (same as ☺)
🔨 U+1F528 :new: create a new object
🔍 U+1F50D :try: try a block and catch errors
🔎 U+1F50E :try: try a block (same as 🔍)
U+270B :catch: catch an error from a try block
U+26BE :throw: throw an error that can be caught
💣 U+1F4A3 :throw: throw an error (same as ⚾)
💩 U+1F4A9 :throw: throw an error (same as ⚾)